FIDO Platform

FIDO's solution is suitable for enterprises seeking to grow their offering, automate operations and leverage mobile technology to reach new customers.

Advances in technology and risk analysis make it possible for financial institutions and enterprises operating in developing countries to join in FIDO’s mission to bring more financial services to the underbanked.

Using the thousands of data points gathered only from independent data sources, FIDO is able to build credit models employing advanced machine learning algorithms.

Financial institutions and enterprises seeking to scale within this domain can leverage FIDO’s experience as a direct lender to implement their own tailored solution.

  • Assess risk independently from mobile operator data or other 3rd parties
  • Turnkey solution or selected modules
  • Flexible origination strategies: personal & shared devices
  • Integrate with local payment channels and data sources
  • Configure your offering to suit your customers

End-to-End Solution

Customer Acquisition
Track all the ways your business generates and converts leads, whether it is online, in the field, over the phone or in person.
Accept applications and on-board clients online from personal or shared devices.
Loan Product
Customize the offering and determine the right loan product for the applicant automatically.
Risk Assessment
Provide immediate risk assessment and feedback to applicants.
Transaction Services
Integrate with payment services, including mobile money, to disburse and receive funds automatically.
Interact with clients at any point of the lifecycle on schedules you define on your preferred channels.