FIDO operates as a direct consumer lender, deploying its tailored end-to-end solution for the local market.


FIDO launched operations in Philippines, based out of Manila. Licensed by the the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a financial institution, Fido lends directly to consumers throughout the country.

Fido is…

Cashless. We work with a variety of electronic payment channels, including mobile wallets, over-the-counter and payment centers.

Automated. Back office and transaction services are built to provide fast and convenient processes to end customers.

Accessible. Collateral and guarantors are not required to complete the easy application.

Available anytime, anywhere. Customers can apply on their own mobile device at their convenience.

Legacy financial institutions require strict documentation, financial history and collateral or guarantors to be eligible, leaving the majority of Filipinos with few formal options. FIDO brings new opportunities for micro-entrepreneurs and workers from all sectors to get access to credit and build financial history.


Online application and instant disbursements
Small Amounts
$40-200 loan amounts
Short term
Up to 33 days or up to 3 installments where eligible
Easy to use
Applying is free and simple